Ad Hoc Commentary – important: Pakistan nuclear weapons in Taliban hands will be the likely unintended consequence of the Syrian war

Yours truly maintains that Pakistan will be the Achilles heel of the American empire:

We have noted the myopic benefits of the Syrian war:

We know that Pakistani Taliban and Syria rebels are one and the same:

We also know that Pakistani Taliban are looking for nuclear weapons:

If you give weapons to Syrian rebels, you are giving weapons to Pakistani Taliban. And it follows that you are helping the Taliban to obtain nuclear weapons.

America needs a distraction from the debt ceiling. So it is likely the war will be approved by congress. Whatever the Americans do, they must never cross the red line of arming the Syrian rebels, that is the Pakistani Taliban. They do so at their own peril because the Taliban is likely searching from revenge (qisas) rather than blood money (diyat).

Good luck in the markets.