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Asian Emerging Markets 2014 – Detox Time


Asking me to write an EM piece for 2014 is like asking Justin Bieber to do opera. It struck me that it is perhaps just what the market needs – a different perspective.… Continue reading

Ad Hoc Commentary – important: Pakistan nuclear weapons in Taliban hands will be the likely unintended consequence of the Syrian war


Yours truly maintains that Pakistan will be the Achilles heel of the American empire: https://tradehaven.net/2013/04/25/ad-hoc-commentary-drone-happy-america-should-beware-pakistan/ We have noted the myopic benefits of the Syrian war: https://tradehaven.net/market/ad-hoc-commentary-the-many-short-term-benefits-of-restarting-the-cold-war-through-syria/ We know that Pakistani Taliban and Syria… Continue reading