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Equity Wrap : The Ali Baba Jinx, Choose Carefully


As our heart goes out to the victims of an unbelievable plane tragedy, the world readies to pay the price. Price to insurance companies – Annual aviation war risks premium total $60-70m globally.… Continue reading

Ad Hoc Commentary – important: Pakistan nuclear weapons in Taliban hands will be the likely unintended consequence of the Syrian war


Yours truly maintains that Pakistan will be the Achilles heel of the American empire: https://tradehaven.net/2013/04/25/ad-hoc-commentary-drone-happy-america-should-beware-pakistan/ We have noted the myopic benefits of the Syrian war: https://tradehaven.net/market/ad-hoc-commentary-the-many-short-term-benefits-of-restarting-the-cold-war-through-syria/ We know that Pakistani Taliban and Syria… Continue reading