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ASIA WIDER & Thailand Worries


1-Aug 25-Jul Asia Invt Grades 1.44-1.47% 1.40-1.43% Korea 5y 0.83-0.87% 0.85-0.89% China 5yr 1.13-1.18% 1.08-1.12% Philippines  5yr 1.15-1.21% 1.11-1.20% Thailand  5yr 1.13-1.20% 1.06-1.16% Indonesia 5yr 2.07-2.22% 2.04-2.14% Malaysia 5yr 1.20-1.28% 1.05-1.15% Vietnam 5yr… Continue reading

Crazy Month End – Big Candles, Malaysia Downgrade, And This Indian Oil Business


This shows how on the edge the market is. Did anyone see that big candle in Gold this morning ? No explanation offered yet except that a german bank bought a chunk. USDSGD… Continue reading



  Taken from our post last week What is Happening In Global Flows. Bearish MYR medium term – Deutsche Bank “USD/MYR has significantly lagged the pullback in the rest of USD/Asia, with spot… Continue reading

FX Thoughts : The Slow Boil Death

by Uncanny that I was sent this SouthPark video, The Importance Of Saving Money, by Retired Trader and chanced upon, almost instantaneously on a WSJ article No Trends, No Friends for FX Funds –… Continue reading

Profit From Japan’s Troubles – USDJPY and Nikkei


IMF upgraded the Japanese outlook this week, one of only a handful of upgrades against a whole bag of downgrades. Citi just sent out a JPY piece worth reading. “we presented three structural… Continue reading

Anti Instinct Trading In Taper On And Taper Off (updated)


Journalists and analysts all writing to save their lives. Reports swinging wildly between Taper and Taper Not after the FOMC minutes depending on where the Dow was. RATES: Treasuries Fall After FOMC Minutes;… Continue reading

Can’t Go Wrong ? USDJPY ?


3 weeks of straight ups right under our noses and we have BOJ on Thursday. If the past 3 meetings were anything to go by, we should see a DOWN move. Yet expectations… Continue reading

Fx For Thought : We Are Herds


Not a single currency beat the USD in the last week. It was not about the pain index, the PMIs, which were in fact quite good for Europe, political turmoil in Egypt, Syria,… Continue reading

REHASH : The Economists in Feb Said USDSGD at 1.2 ! GDP Next Week


In early Feb, I wrote Sunday Times, Coffee and Slight Nausea. Tired of reading the same old “piece of mind numbing happy utopia calls, I will protest at the Toto salaries they are… Continue reading

SGD interest rates – payback time


SGD rates market is finally paying it back. Last December, I wrote here about the risks which lurk behind Singapore living on cheap global funding. In the past few weeks, the ferocious sell-off… Continue reading

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