Ad Hoc Commentary – Syria escalating into a Russia-US proxy war

“…The most likely outcome from American assistance to rebels is Putin using it as a public relations campaign against America’s destabilizing actions, and to wage a proxy war. Syria will hold the balance between peace and war in our times…”


Long time readers knows that yours truly had been warning against American meddling into Syria. To be sure, yours truly do not think President Obama is responsible for the Syria quagmire. In fact, it is probable that powers that breached America’s Praetorian Guards, are the same powers that wanted a pipeline from the Middle East into Europe:

“…We will perhaps never know if the decision [by President Obama] to violate of Damascus’s sovereignty was made with a clear mind or with a mind that was recently shaken by the fear of the safety of their loved ones [after the Secret Service security breach]…”


Yours truly is not for war, but for those of us in the markets, let us remember what we said nearly a year ago:

“…Since war is good for equities in the long run, we should be watching the S&P500 closely…”


Perhaps many years down the road, 09/30/2015 will be remembered as the day when the peace dove left us:

Good luck in the markets.