Announcement : Tradehaven’s First Technical Analysis Seminar

All of us have some form of brush up with technical analysis in our everyday lives.

From comparing prices of fish and meat in the market or noting petrol prices,  our minds are discerning a patterns that form part of our cognitive process. Let alone decide on whether to buy ringgit for that shopping trip in Malaysia.

Since the announcement of our TA seminar, we had feedback that people either know enough about it or that it is irrelevant to them in bond investments because only forex traders use charts.

There is never too little to learn, folks ! Bond investors can ignore charts to their own disadvantage because identifying trends and entry points in interest rates, equity and forex markets is key to making that bond decision too !

Many traders will attest that there is nothing more important in a TA seminar than the trainer and many a seasoned trader can tell you all about their former mentors in TA where the ability to inspire improvement and thought through interaction overshadows the one-sided textbook instruction manuals and webinars.

Eric Chong, our resident chart-man, who writes for us sometimes under the Dark Knight pseudonym, is currently a client advisor with over 2 decades of experience at Standard Chartered Bank and Citi Private Bank,  where he was instrumental in developing their businesses. Whilst at Citi, Eric was a regular feature at various private banking conferences and in-house product seminars. Awarded Citi Private Bank’s highest accolade “The Chairman Council for Business Franchise Leader” in 2010 and 2012, Eric also holds Master’s degrees in both Information Studies and Financial Engineering.

His training has been instrumental and formative in many a trader’s and private banker’s personal system of charts and he is a favourite of many a private bank client who entrust him with their investment decisions as some are doing now.

Tradehaven’s First Technical Analysis Seminar promises to be an interactive experience that will teach one how to view a chart, set up their own charts and spot meaningful patterns for themselves in their own preferred systems. It would serve as a refresher even for those with in depth knowledge, giving them the opportunity to review their personal systems and potentially take away with them a new angle of approach.

Details :

Venue : ERC Institute, 30 Prinsep Street (NTUC Prinsep House), ERCI Campus, Singapore 188647

Date : 31 October 2015

Time : 1 – 5 pm

Cost : S$ 280 per person

Drop us an email at to register your interest and we will keep you updated.

We look forward to hearing from you !