Random Thoughts : Finders Keepers ?

We like to read all these stories of crimes and punishment which are becoming a daily staple in the papers.  It is virtually impossible to keep up with the number of corruption cases in China where some are hung and the rest jailed. Punishment for corruption varies but stuff like melamine in milk attracts death by firing squad.

Thus when I read about the case of the EUR 20 billion unclaimed cash in the Russian airport that is purportedly Saddam Hussein’s which has been left there for 6 years, I start to wonder who will own that money in the end ?


It should belong to the state, I believe. Which state ? Russia ?

Then what about the Chinese officials ? All serving their jail terms.

Another one was sent to jail for 3 years for her 160 million property portfolio accumulated illegally. Whilst another was convicted for bribery and a collection of luxury timepieces. Not to mention the washed out Bo Xilai trial and his indictment for 4.4 million in embezzlement. Surely he is worth more than that ?


What happens to their wealth ? To the state, I suppose.

I hear about luxury cars amongst other items purchased and never collected from the merchants. I wonder who gets to keep those ?