So they say they were wrong … And what do they say now ?

The market has a short term memory, mine included.

Yet when 2 lines are strung together like these on CNBC and WSJ last night in an interview with hedge funder Jeff Gundlach, your logical mind cannot comprehend.

Gundlach : Liquidation cycle appears to have run its course; Emerging Market Bonds, US Junk, Munis, MBS recovering

Doubleline’s Gundlach Says He Didn’t Anticipate Magnitude of Moves in Bond Market

Doubleline Capital’s Jeffrey Gundlach to WSJ: “I Was Wrong” About U.S. Treasuries”

So he was wrong and now he will be right ?

I like Gundlach and he, like many other eminent minds like Bill Gross, got it right in calling for a correction in April. But all of us got the outcome wrong, this includes me.

For Gundlach, Gross, Timing Bond Market Proves Dicey : WSJ

The crash came but the results were not what we expected.

Gross and Gundlach went big into safe haven treasuries. Marc Faber went into Gold.

All wrong but they are sticking to their guns.

We have to think outside the box these days. I think they could be right. What has not moved much in the Great EM sell off ?

Real estate.