Full Moon and Olympics – breakout trading ! Look its EURCHF !

In the spirit of the Olympics, I feel the market should spur itself into some action. Everything has been so nicely channelling these days that people are just so fed up.

1-Aug-12 Zerohedge Jeremy Grantham : “I, for one, wish that the world would get on with whatever is coming next”
2-Aug-12 Business Insider Moore Capital Louis Bacon : “Markets are increasingly distorted by central banks”

I wanted to write something lengthier here but the spreadsheet won’t let me. Wanted to show the break out zones for everything.

Heck… just take a look at this chart of the EURCHF, the last frontier …. My friend just pointed it out to me. And I think it SAYS ALOT !! RISK UNWINDS …

Just do everything the way you are NOT USED TO DOING and you will be fine !!

Disclosure … I am long Facebook and Zynga.