Living In An SM World – SGD/MYR

I have been staring at this chart for some weeks now. Frozen into inaction, for a good reason too. I was born in Malaysia but am Singaporean now, loyalties to both sides and though, on the wrong side of the water arrangement here, drinking the “recycled stuff” but looking a history renacted.

SGDMYR has a nice little peak here.

I guess it is typical of all election years – 1999, 2004 and 2008. We are heading into a Bersih one this Oct (hearsay) and it is looking ever more precarious, so asset migration is in vogue.

And since its the elections, I am sorry to hear about the water crisis in Malaysia. Because it looks like I will not be selling SGDMYR at these levels till 2.70 because Malaysia ain’t no Greece.