Someone Tell Me : Is The Only Thing Deflating Right Now Is Money ?..and Orange Juice

What do we do with Money ?

As the days pass, it looks like money is increasingly buying little, except orange juice and maybe coffee which has crashed since 1 Feb. Gold and Silver both higher. Of equity indices, only Sri lanka and Jakarta amongst the few down on the month. Bonds are up on the month, both credits and sovereigns.  Even real estate prices are seen stabilising with China taking measures to protect on shore property investments.

Going through the worst performing equity indices for the year, just to scrap the bottom of the barrel. Cannot see myself venturing to these waters.

It is just looking like if you had sat on cash last month, you would be just feeling a tinge of regret. Yet those who had bought specific asset classes are now all claiming theirs is the trade of the century. No prizes for every single asset class hasd rallied and is continuing to do so.

Only lonely cash can fight orange juice and Sri Lanka for bottom honours.

A discussion with friends led me to discover that antique shops have trouble restocking, good diamonds are in short supply as with 40 y.o. single malts and rare wines. Not to mention all the record breaking art auctions recently. Too much money running from deflation ? Or is everything inflation except money .. and orange juice ?