Fear and Fatigue from Greece and Iran

Leading to War Headlines


*BBC Business

Iran “halts crude oil EU Exports”


Headlines ? Only to report Iran denying. Sensationalism.

* CNN Breaking News 15/2/12 5:48 PM

Iran to install “home-built” nuclear fuel rods into Tehran research reactor on

Wednesday, according to state-run media.

*Tovah Lazaroff (@tovahlazaroff) 15/2/12 5:55 PM

#France condemns attacks in #New #Delhi, #Tbilisi. Expresses solidarity with


*zerohedge (@zerohedge) 15/2/12 9:20 PM

Iran Has Built New Generation of Centrifuges, Atomic Chief Says. Israel

applauds the development.


Oil Jumps on Iran Supply Threat.


Israel says Thai bomb targeted embassy.

*Seeking Alpha

Is Iran Dampening The Price of Gold

*Reuters Top News (@Reuters) 15/2/12 10:09 PM

Special Report: Iran’s cat-and-mouse game on sanctions http://t.co/08A4XgPV

*russian_market (@russian_market) 15/2/12 8:53 PM

#Iranian #oil exports are stopped to #Holland, #Greece, #Portugal, #Italy, #Franceand #Spain. The most concern is now for Greece and Spain.

*Reuters Top News (@Reuters) 15/2/12 9:45 PM

Iran oil ministry denies state media reports on EU oil stop http://t.co/iPZ2yI1P


Iran unveils “uranium enrichment advances”

* GoldCore (@GoldCore) 15/2/12 11:24 PM

Iran claims two steps to nuclear self-sufficiency http://t.co/46iNQXXI via @USATODAY

* Iran Warns Europeans It May Cut Off Oil Ahead Of Sanctions


* Special Report -Iran’s cat-and-mouse game on sanctions


And Finally !!!

* Doug Casey: Is A US-Iran War Inevitable?


My thoughts : We have 2-3 days for people to starting taking this seriously and the mainstream moms and pops media to start trumpeting over the weekend.

A war needs to be planned and like in 2003, we should have a month or so unless it’s a small scale assault on what ?

Honestly, Arabia is not gonna be screaming about Shi’ites getting killed. Will buy some crude calls for protection and I really dunno if Gold is a buy or a sell in the case of a war.

Take a look at the chart below. There was a plunge in Crude (green) which matched the bottom in Gold (white) while the DXY pretty much non reacted. 10Y US Treasuries (red) sold along with the Crude.




Cultural differences cannot be bridged by a unifying currency and when you say yes in Greece, its no in German.

I don’t understand the point of extracting a commitment from a country only to doubt it after.


* Greek President (And Nazi Resistance Fighter) Lashes Out At “German Boot” For Pushing Country To The Brink


Something on Portugal which demonstrates the media manipulation of headlines, deemphasizing the importance of this meeting.

* As Greece Crashes And Burns, Troika Arrives In Portugal With “Soothing Words Of Support”


* Evangelos Venizelos Warns Germany Is ‘Playing With Fire’ on Greece

Feb. 15 (Telegraph) — Greek finance minister Evangelos Venizelos accused European leaders of “playing with fire” by trying to oust the beleaguered country from the eurozone amid fears they want to delay releasing the €130bn (£108bn) bail-out until after Greek elections in April.

John Paulson Says Greece Will Soon Default And The Shock Will Be Worse Than The Lehman Bankruptcy


He is also selling Gold vs Soros and his flagship  fund down 51 % in 2011.




Fatigue and fear will dominate the markets now. Euphorias will be shorlived. Good news tainted with suspicion. Looks like the world desperately needs a distraction to be able to appreciate good times again.