Weekly Reflections 12 Feb 2012

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Paulo Coelho : What other people think of you is none of your business.

So here is what I read last week that made me tick. And knowing how every trader hates long stories… I present .. just the headlines !!!

  1. Greece and Greece Again : Budget revenues -7.9% vs expected +8.9% >> Its sooner than later if you ask me.
  2. Nasdaq hits 11 year high on 7 Feb 12 >> Facebook euphoria intact ? To Buy ?
  3. Bankruptcy filings in US falls 11.5% for 2011 >> No companies left to go bankrupt ?
  4. Roubini is bullish stocks ! But …. check this out first !  >> Squared my S&P last week.


  1. Japan current account balance in 2011 logs biggest fall in history -74.7% >> Earthquake effect ? Buy USD/JPY !! I am Long.
  2. HK Gold flow to China 427,877 kg in 2011 vs 118,904 kg in 2010. >> Would appear that the retail investor is buying for currency hedge.

Yet Buffet says this about Gold


  1. CME Cuts Gold, Silver, Platinum And Copper Margins >> I am still Long Silv !


  1. Pimco Borrows A Record $88 Billion To Bet On Fed’s Upcoming MBS Monetization which is followed by this Reuters special Special Report: The twilight of the Bond King >> Be scared, be real scared.


  1. The Best Proof We’ve Seen Yet That Being On Twitter Can Make You Money


  1. The “App Economy” has created almost half a million jobs in the U.S.


  1. Opinion: The truth about Israel’s rumored strike on Iran >> Still doesn’t justify buying Crude ?


  1. Trouble in a carry trade paradise: The RBA can’t cut rates to bring down the Australian dollar >> Any views on AUD/CAD ?


  1. CHART OF THE DAY: This Is Why The US Doesn’t Care About Europe >> What worries me is that Big Arrow between Europe and Emerging Markets.


  1. And …. My favourite …. Eventually, Someone Is Going To Profit Off Of This Massive Arbitrage Opportunity >> It’s my mini trump card trade of the year : LNG !