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Bonds In Conversation – Excuse Me, Can I Borrow 20 Billion dollars, PLEASE ?


Behold, the world just saw the largest Junk Bond offering in history. April 24 (Bloomberg) — Billionaire Patrick Drahi is winning friends in the junk-bond market. After selling the equivalent of about $23… Continue reading

Bonds In Conversation : No Life Without Stimulus


Stimulatory talks this week after a glorious month end lending more optimism and cheer to markets across.  Fed – Yellen more dovish than market expectations http://money.cnn.com/2014/03/31/news/economy/janet-yellen-raise/index.html PBoC – mini stimulus unveiled for small… Continue reading

Bonds In Conversation : Candy Rush then Candy Crushed


There was a Candy Rush to list in the stock market and Candy Crush dropped 16% in its trading debut, bringing smiles to only the private equity company that invested in them because… Continue reading