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Market Thoughts – Are You America’s Friend or Foe ? USD is Not Cool.


Scrolling through my email’s In Box, I am stumped by the number of synonyms of the words STUMPED and STYMIED in the various titles of fx market commentaries, analyses and reports I have… Continue reading

Geopolitical Risks And Me And You – Cash Is King


I read the Asiaone website when I need to feel safe and closeted from the world out there. The warm news of home, scandals and all, is comforting to that extent. The main… Continue reading

April Is The Cruellest Month, 2 Eclipses And Yellen Risk


15 April 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse 29 April 2014 Annular Solar Eclipse Fact : Solar eclipses can only occur on new moons and lunar eclipses can only occur on full moons. Eclipses are… Continue reading