The Tradehaven Basic Bond Seminar

The Basic Bond Seminar is not a Bond Basics Seminar, even if they are both BBS for short.

The Tradehaven team has this idea for our first bond seminar of 2016, in time for bonds to be unleashed onto the retail scene and we hope to share with folks our collective expertise and experience in the bond markets that they may come-away with a little ammunition to take on the world of bonds as an retail investor, junior banker, fund manager or hobbyist.

The Basic Bond Seminar will span 4 1/2 hours and shall comprise of 4 main segments.

  1. A short introduction to investing in bonds – we do not believe in starting with bond theories but we guarantee that this will be a good enough even for the summer interns.
  2. The Singapore dollar bond market and global bonds in brief – the relevant investments.
  3. Practical information for investors – no theories here, just the low down on the dirty work and details.
  4. Basic bond analysis – no explanation required except that we will follow through to conduct a Bond Trading Seminar for those keen to pursue analysis to loftier heights.

The beauty in our seminar is not just in the contents but rather, the speakers we have enlisted, though the list is yet to be confirmed. Our unique group of speakers have been immersed in the trading markets, working for reputable banks throughout their careers, some having been in positions providing market liquidity and contributed much, officially and unofficially, to market development over the years.

No, we are not a bunch of financial advisors. We are the real deal and we can assure participants an afternoon of great learning, straight talking and fun. Best of all, everyone will be a part of our informal fixed income community thereafter.

Seminar details.

Date   :   9th of  July
Time   :  1 – 530 pm
Venue :  ERC Institute on Prinsep Street (to be confirmed)
Cost    :   SGD 250 per person or SGD 200 for previous seminar participants

Drop us an email at to register your interest and we will keep you posted. Also note that we shall provide certificates for those who want to try claim for CPD hours from their respective HR departments.