Tradehaven’s 2-in-1 Technical Analysis Seminar 23 April 2016


The importance of skills for the future is the in-thing and the Tradehaven community has grown ! And after 3 seminars, the network has gotten larger, the word has spread as our new friends prospered, and we have requests from their friends for a repeat of Part Two : The Journey To The System Trader with an introductory segment thrown in which, in other words, means a crash course in the basics.

Therefore, we present our 2-in-1 Technical Analysis Seminar (before the requests for the boot camps flood in) which starts with a short morning segment of an hour (or more) where Eric, our resident technical strategist, will introduce participants to the the application of charts in their daily decision making processes, starting with trend spotting, recognising signals that matter and finally, building a personal system for themselves.

The lunch break will double as a Q&A session, leading into the afternoon where participants will be treated to The Journey To The System Trader which will be all about the useful trading signals and how they can be used in combination to identify trades, manage the risks and time the exits. Yes, it is not just about those moving averages, stochastics, RSI, MACD, DMI, momentum and parabolics but pinpointing their certain turning points.

For the participants, the journey does not end after the lesson and we shall repeat the hour long live-market session, as we did before during a week day, for folks to put their newly acquired skills and mindsets to the test.

A Short Introduction to Eric

Eric Chong, our resident technical strategist, has over 20 years of market experience behind him and a library of chart packs to share, having conducted enough seminars for folks from all walks of life, stretching from central bankers to high net worth individuals to students. He is currently an independent client advisor with over 2 decades of work experience with Standard Chartered Bank and Citi Private Bank. Whilst at Citi, Eric was a regular feature at various private banking conferences and in-house product seminars. Awarded Citi Private Bank’s highest accolade “The Chairman Council for Business Franchise Leader” in 2010 and 2012, Eric also holds Master’s degrees in both Information Studies and Financial Engineering.

Our Belief

At Tradehaven, we believe that education is the first step to overcoming our fears and doubts, particularly in the field of finance where only the Warren Buffets know that it is time to get greedy when others are scared.

More often than not, at least as far as we are concerned, charts do the job of restraint on the impulse to follow a particular recommendation immediately which is a natural result of Greed. Holding back is good ! Especially in the context of 2016 markets, so far, which just got off on a wrong foot and a harrowing start, evidenced by the spate of hedge fund closures.

The other enemy in Fear which the cause behind most market collapses can be managed by looking her in the eye when you are sufficiently armed with knowledge and, of course, experience from past mistakes (which tend to be repeated).

There is no magic formula for all of this or we will be charging you a LOT more, lying through our teeth and praying we will not be hit by a falling branch as we walk in the streets.

However the path to learning need not be a lonely one, so do come and listen to what we have to share, learn survival chart skills and, even, unlearn some bad habits.

Seminar Details

Date      :  23 April 2016, Saturday
Timing  :  11 am – 5 pm
Venue   :  ERC Institute
Cost      :  SGD 500 per person or SGD 380 per person for just the afternoon session 1 – 5 pm

*live-market session date and time to be advised

Drop us an email at to register your interest and we will keep you updated.

We look forward to hearing from you !


We will be providing certificates for folks who would like to attempt to claim hours for their CPD (Continuing Professional Development).