Tradehaven’s Technical Analysis Seminar : The Journey To The System Trader on 20 Feb 2016



Date : 20 Feb 2016
Time : 1:30-5:30 pm
Venue : ERC Institute
Cost : SGD 380 per person

There are 5-6 slots left so please drop us an email at if you would like to attend Eric’s power packed session designed for us to beat the market blues.

We will be sending out the full details to participants shortly.




Tradehaven loves surprises and the little busload of folks who attended our first technical analysis seminar last October, were all (not exaggerating here) pleasantly surprised by what they took away with them besides the bellyful of coffee, pastries and enlightening chart-packs. Yes, all the tender loving care showered upon them and the subsequent friendships forged has been enjoyable for everyone and requests have come in for part two.

The first technical analysis seminar was the first of our three part seminar series announced in September last year with the aim educating the investor on the application of charts in their daily decision making processes, starting with trend spotting, recognising signals that matter and finally, building a personal system for themselves.

More often than not, at least as far as we are concerned, charts do the job of restraint on the impulse to follow a particular recommendation immediately which is a natural result of greed. Holding back is good ! Especially in the context of 2016 markets, so far, which just got off on a wrong foot and a harrowing start, evidenced by the spate of hedge fund closures.

To all of you out there reading this, it is time to get greedy when others are scared and we wish we thought of that, but it is just another Warren Buffet quote paraphrased. And during this time, charts would be your best friend, because the real best friends are just as scared and most bankers, brokers and financial advisors would mostly be in hiding, either scared or fearing retribution ?

Eric Chong, our resident technical analyst, is just gunning to go in times like these that he is all too used to, with 20 years of market experience behind him and survival chart packs to share with us. He is currently an independent client advisor with over 2 decades of experience at Standard Chartered Bank and Citi Private Bank,  where he was instrumental in developing their businesses. Whilst at Citi, Eric was a regular feature at various private banking conferences and in-house product seminars. Awarded Citi Private Bank’s highest accolade “The Chairman Council for Business Franchise Leader” in 2010 and 2012, Eric also holds Master’s degrees in both Information Studies and Financial Engineering.

The Journey To The System Trader will be all about the useful trading signals and how they can be used in combination to identify trades, manages the risks and time the exits. Know all about moving averages, stochastics, RSI, MACD, DMI, momentum and parabolics already ? Think again, for we thought we knew all about trends when we went for the first session too.

For those who had missed the first session, Eric will be giving a half hour refresher for us before embarking on 3 1/2 hours of stimulative classroom action that would be difficult or impossible to forget, all in the grand name of education.

Suggested dates for the seminar – 20th Feb (Sat) or 27th Feb (Sat), 130-530 pm.
Cost : SGD 380 per person.

Drop us an email at to register your interest and we will keep you updated.

We look forward to hearing from you !

An Afterword

Cannot resist this part again because of all the delightful feedback from those who made their fees back after the first session.

We do not mention much about making money and supplementing incomes that other advertisements promote because we strongly believe that education and learning are invaluable investments that cannot really have purely financial gains as the end motive, notwithstanding that we will all be better positioned to make decisions that will probably improve our financial standings. In other words, MAKE MONEY LAH !