China Focus : China 1, FOMC 0

9 SEP 2015

China changes GDP data calculation method to improve accuracy


30 JAN 2015

India Changes GDP Calculation Method

China Focus : China 1, FOMC 0

11 SEP 2015

What Do U.S. Economists Think of Official China Statistics? ‘Only a Fool Would Believe Them’



1. August fiscal spending jumps 26%
2. China NDRC to remove quota for companies’ overseas debt (which is good news for CNH bonds)
3. The ECB revised trade weights for effective exchange rates of the euro, upping China by 13% and cutting the US (-4.1%), UK (-8.1%) and Japan (-4.3%). India was surprisingly cut by -0.3%, along with Singapore (-0.6%).


China Focus : If It Is Broken, Fix It 1


Perhaps it has something to do with this ?

China Focus : If It Is Broken, Fix It


I see the CNY-CNH gap closing up meaningfully which is a good sign.


China Focus : China 1, FOMC 0 3

I see the FOMC acceding power to China’s growth.

“(New York Times) — HONG KONG — Global markets were largely down on Friday after the United States Federal Reserve signaled fresh concerns over slowing growth in China and other emerging markets.”

“Look to China for clues on when the Fed will raise rates

Sept. 19 (Financial Times) — Not for the first time, the world’s two largest economies are in a symbiotic embrace.”
“CNBC Stocks: What can Yellen and Xi do for markets”
Every paper is shouting out about the power of China over the FOMC !
SHCOMP stabilising albeit closing the week lower.
China Focus : China 1, FOMC 0 4
Economic data is poorest in 15 years and key officials are getting arrested daily. So the biggest risk to me is that sentiments are just slightly biased on what is going on behind the iron curtain which we forget to ask about now that China 1 FOMC 0.
Leaving with the indicative prices.
China Focus : China 1, FOMC 0 1
China Focus : China 1, FOMC 0 2