Tradehaven Technical Analysis Seminar

When we did our first bond seminar a few weeks back, the intention was to be different and unlike any other seminar out there.

We are glad we succeeded because most, if not all, participants took away something that textbooks are not able to provide. To say they took away a bit of the presenter and her experiences would make it sound a little like robbery, tongue in cheek, but we all had much fun that day.

In the same spirit, Tradehaven is announcing their first technical analysis seminar, and it will be special, we assure.

Technical analysis is not a 1 day course where one gets a set of rules to religiously apply to their trades and investments, neither is it a signal recognition system you end up buying that spits out those trades for you to execute. Most importantly, technical analysis is not about complications and knowing more patterns or algorithms than another.

It is fitting that we visit the topic of technical analysis because markets have recently been pretty “untechnical” or “too technical” for all the typical chart-man to  be wiped out by the killer algos out there.

Thus we would like to introduce Eric Chong, our resident chart-man (he hates the word “chartist”), who writes for us sometimes under the Dark Knight pseudonym. A veteran banker with over 2 decades of experience behind him,  he has an arsenal of charts that would make most of us green in envy and enough accolades to fill a small room.

Without further ado, we present the Tradehaven Technical Analysis Seminars, 3 standalone sessions where participants can choose to follow through onto the next one.

Part 1 : The Technical Analysis Way of Life encompasses the basics of technical analysis which will be anything but schoolroom. The session will teach one how to view a chart, set up their own charts and spot meaningful patterns for themselves in their own preferred systems. We could call it an art, if we so desire.

This would take 4 hours, at least which will be followed by refreshments and time for questions or chit chat.

For those who would like to further their experience, we will organise Part 2 : The Journey to The System Trader, at a later date. Eric will help the audience refine their trading systems, recognising the signals that matter to them and how to filter out the noise to make sense of data. This promises to be fun not because of the anecdotes but more for the discussions to come as audience engagement is guaranteed.

Finally, for those pilgrims who decide they want to try for “enlightenment”, we present Part 3: The Total System. Gunning for smooth sophistication, Eric will introduce some oldies but goodies for the audience to explore in their journey towards continuous learning – Gann lines, Fibonacci JETS system and who knows, maybe we will get a guest speaker for Drummond Geometry, a name we like to drop now and then to scare off the opponents !

Eric will also throw in 1 or 2 weekday nights “live trading” sessions to get everyone’s hands dirty and answer more questions, of course.

Now we have come to the Dates !

Suggested Dates for Part 1 : The Technical Analysis Way of Life

24 Oct or 31 Oct (Saturdays)

Time : 9 am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm

Cost : S$ 280 per person with a $50 discount on the next class.

Drop us an email at to register your interest and we will keep you updated. We need 30 to go !

We look forward to hearing from you !



An Afterword

Cannot resist this part.

Do notice that we have not mentioned a single thing about making money and supplementing income and all that jazz that other advertisements promote.

You see, education and learning are invaluable investment that cannot really have purely financial gains as their ends, notwithstanding that we will all be better positioned to make decisions that will probably improve our financial standings. In other words, MAKE MONEY LAH !