Car Inc. (699 HK)  Proposes to Issue Dollar-Denominated Senior Notes

(Bloomberg) — May price today.

  • Issuer: CAR Inc.
  • Guarantors: Certain non-PRC subsidiaries of the issuer
  • Issuer ratings: Ba1/BB+/BB+
  • Expected issue ratings: Ba1/BB+/BB+
  • Reg S
  • UOP: For capital expenditure and other GCP, including refinancing outstanding debt, to enhance capital structure

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Hires Managers for Subordinated Bond Sale

(Bloomberg) — Daiwa says in a statement today.

  • Issuer: Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc.
  • Sale Managers: Daiwa, Nomura
  • Pricing: Early Sept. or later
  • Format: Perpetual subordinated bonds to be offered to qualified institutional investors

Peking University Taps USD 2018 Bond, IPT 100.125 Area

(Bloomberg) — May price today.

  • Issuer: Dawn Victor Ltd.
  • Guarantor: Founder Information (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  • Keepwell deed and deed equity interest undertaking provider: Peking University Founder Group Co.
  • Unrated, Reg S
  • Existing notes: $500m 5.50% 2018
  • Immediately fungible with existing issue upon settlement
  • Maturity Date: 5 June 2018
  • Coupon: 5.50%
  • UOP: Working capital and GCP

Secondary price before announcement – 101.125.

Shanghai Electric to Sell $Bench 5Y Bonds, IPT +250bp Area

(Bloomberg) — May price today.

  • Issuer: Shanghai Electric Power Finance Ltd.
  • Guarantor: Shanghai Electric Power Co.
  • Guarantor ratings: Baa2/BBB/BBB+
  • Expected issue ratings: Baa2/BBB/BBB+
  • Reg S

Indicative yield : 4.05%