Dear readers,

Thank you for the support and patience so far !

I have a problem about always trying to be different and that is why the seminar has taken longer than expected to come to its fruition though not quite yet because we still need to round up 30 people to hear me spew my thoughts for 3 hours.

Thereby I present the Tradehaven’s Tips On The Singapore Bond Market Seminar.

This seminar promises to be a bond seminar with a slant for the investor who is currently managing or looking to manage their bond portfolio. The investor with some rudimentary understanding of financial markets and looking to achieve the following.

1. Enhance returns,
2. Find opportunities in the Singapore bond market, and
3. Improve their confidence in making the right investment decision.

Of course, there is also the highlight of the day which is to network with the people behind Tradehaven, if that is any consolation, because satisfaction is NOT guaranteed.

The dates we are targeting would be 1 Aug, a Saturday, or possibly 15 or 22 Aug, also Saturdays, with the preferred time of say, between 2-5 pm. Venue, to be advised but looking at a seminar room possibly at the NUS Guildhouse.

Being my prototype seminar, it will be at a discounted fee of $188 for the participants whom I thank, in advance, for being the guinea pigs. Payment method to be advised, as well.

Finally, I would like to restrict participants to investor types and ask that there will be no client solicitation activities during this time. We can possibly run another seminar for private bankers on How-To-Make-Money-Selling-Those-Bonds-And-Keep-Clients-Happy, sometime later ? (And if there is enough demand, we can also run a Bond Basics – Become An Expert Overnight workshop, which I can see would be fun !)

Please drop me an email at to register your interest. We will be ready to take off once we have a group of 30 and I will keep everyone posted on the developments.

I look forward to hearing from you and to see you soon !

Best Wishes,