The Real Property Guru Pop Quiz on the Singapore Real Estate Market

Let’s do a test on how much you know and if you are an expert on real estate matters.

Qualify to be true property sage by answering all questions right.

Warning: No answers provided.

  • What is the average Gross Development Margin that developers are making ? Is this number going up or down ? What is the significance of this ?
  • How many bidders are there for Government Land Sales ?
  • Are foreign developers coming into Singapore ? Are they economically driven to do so ? What is the significance of foreign developers bidding for government land sites ?
  • What is the supply of condo units coming up ? How is this changing over time ? (Hint URA has quarterly update numbers on their website)
  • Have you used Realis ? (available for SGD 80 for a 24 hour usage)
  • What are the government’s macro-prudential regulations ? Do they want money to go in ? Do they want prices to go up or down ?
  • What is the unintended consequences of the QC statute ? What does QC stands for ? And when was QC enacted ?
  • What is government policy on resale HDB ? How does HDB prices affect private property ?
  • What is the government’s stance on property speculation ?
  • Does Singapore suffer from land shortage or does it not ? Very fundamental question ? How does this compare to Hong Kong ? If there is no land shortage, who owns the land ? What does this imply ?
  • Can speculators make more money than developers on a project ?

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