Bonds In Conversation : The Centenarian Vs The QE Millionaire

It is not easy to write anything today after a night’s vigil at your grandmother’s funeral wake. But I reasoned that sorrow is not the solution because I felt sadder for her in the past weeks when she was alive and deteriorating with her persistent lung infection and, sounding slightly incoherent here, that they are not going to harvest her organs for transplant like they will do with mine, if they can find anything good.

Back to business, which I have missed for the past 2 days and will probably miss today as well. It has struck me many times in the past years that our investment time frames have shortened after reading somewhere that equity positions, on average, are held for just 5 days, unlike my dear late grandmother whose portfolio holdings lasted over half a century until Alzheimer’s claimed her mind in the late 90’s.

Contrast this with a unverified get-rich story I heard recently about how a chap grew his property portfolio of 1 to a 50 mio dollar affair in a handful of years which sound pretty inspiring and exciting for us living in this era. I have heard of this happening in China and other places but it is apparently possible in Singapore to buy a property and sort of sell it to oneself (via another entity) at a higher price with higher leverage, pocket the profits to be used on another property and so the story goes. It is not illegal and sounds almost like an S-Reits business model, except for the case of an individual, it becomes hard when leverage cannot be obtained.

Bonds and savings are in trend now. Today we have Fundsupermart launching their bond portal as the government ramps up the retail savings message.

Perhaps it will be an exercise of patience for the masses because I am really not sure if Mr 50 Mio will live a hundred happy healthy years like granny did.

I will not be publishing the bond price tables today but Bernie will update the directory later, if he can.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy life !