Primary Credit Watch

  • Agile Property to Sell USD 5NC3 Bonds, IPT 9.375% Area
    Issuer: Agile Property Holdings Ltd.
    Guarantors: Certain non-PRC subsidiaries of the issuer
    Security: Capital stock of certain subsidiary guarantors
    Issuer ratings: Ba3/BB-/–
    Expected issue ratings: B1/B+/–
    Reg S
    UOP: To refi debt
    JGCs: HSBC, StanChart
    JBRs/JLMs: HSBC, StanChart, BNP, ICBC Intl
  • Huawei to Sell $Bench 10Y Bonds, IPT +220bp Area
    Issuer: Proven Honour Capital Ltd.
    Guarantor: Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.
    Unrated, Reg S
    COC Put: Put at 101%, triggers including Union of Huawei Investment & Holding Co. ceases to control the guarantor
    UOP: GCP
    JLMs/JBRs: ANZ, BOC HK, DBS, ING, StanChart
  • Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co. Plans USD Reg S Bonds
    Investor meetings in Asia and conference calls with European funds from tomorrow.
    Issuer: Beijing State-Owned Assets Management (Hong Kong) Co., wholly-owned subsidiary of keepwell provider
    Keepwell and Liquidity Support Deed and Deed of Equity Interest Purchase Undertaking: Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co.
    Expected bond ratings: A3/A-/A
    JGCs/JLMs/JBRs: Citi, UBS