Primary Credit Watch

  • Reliance Communications Gets >$650m Orders for $300m Bond
    Priced at 6.5%, IPT 6.5% area.
    Over $650m orders from >100 accounts
    By region
    Asia 75%
    Europe, Middle East 25%
    By investor type
    Fund managers, hedge funds 24%
    Banks 9%
    Private banks, retail 67%
  • CNOOC TO SELL USD 5Y, 10Y, 30Y BONDS, IPT +150, +180, +170BP

Today’s Business

  • China New Town to Sell CNH 3Y Bonds, IPT 5.8% Area

    Issuer: China New Town Finance I Ltd.
    Guarantor: China New Town Development Co.
    Keepwell and Liquidity Support Deed and Deed of Equity Interest Purchase Undertaking Provider: China Development Bank Capital Corp.
    Reg S
    Cross Default Threshold: CNY300m with respect to CDBC and its subsidiaries, CNTD and its subsidiaries, and the issuer
    JGCs: BOCI, Citic Securities Intl, Guotai Junan Intl
    JBRs: BOCI, Citic Securities Intl, Guiotai Junan Intl, Agricultural Bank of China, BOCOM HK, Haitong Intl