Primary Credit Watch


  • Golden Agri-Resources Gets SGD175m Orders for SGD125m Bonds
    Priced at 5.5%, IPT mid-5%.
    SGD175m orders
  • United Envirotech to Sell SGD 3Y Bonds, IPT 5% Area
    Issuer: United Envirotech
    Reg S
    Redemption of Change of Control: In the event of a change of control (including CITIC and/or its affiliates reducing their shareholding below 50.1%), the issuer shall, at the option of bondholders, redeem the note at 101%
  • Korea Resources to Sell $Bench 5Y Bonds, IPT +115bp Area
    Issuer: Korea Resources Corp.
    Issuer ratings: Aa3/A+/–
    Expected ratings: Aa3/A+/–
    144A/Reg S
    JBRs: BNP Paribas, Citigroup, HSBC
  • Jingrui Holdings to Sell USD 3Y Reg S Bonds, IPT 13.5%
    Issuer: Jingrui Holdings
    Subsidiary guarantors: Certain non-PRC subsidiaries of issuer
    Security: Pledge of shares of subsidiary guarantors
    Issuer ratings: B2/–/B
    Expected ratings: B3/–/B
    UOP: Refi debt
    JBRs/JLMs: BOSC Intl, BNP Paribas, Guotai Junan Intl, Haitong Intl, Qilu Intl