Primary Credit Watch

  • Sinopec Gets >$7b Orders for 5Y, >$4.8b for 10Y, >$3.3b for 30Y
    Sinopec prices 5Y at +125bps, IPT +145bps area; 10Y at +145bps, IPT +160bp area; 30Y at +152bps, IPT +180bps area. Euro tranches: EU850m 3Y at MS+50 (IPT +65 area); EU650 7Y at MS +80 (IPT +90 area)
  • Golden Agri-Resources Gets SGD175m Orders for SGD125m Bonds
    Priced at 5.5%, IPT mid-5%.
    SGD175m orders from 36 accounts
  • Bharat Petroleum Plans USD Bonds, Meetings From Tomorrow
    Investor meetings in Singapore tomorrow, HK April 24 and London.
    Reg S
    JBRs/JLMs: Citigroup, Deutsche, HSBC, StanChart
  • China New Town Plans Guaranteed CNH Bonds, Meetings April 23 Investor meetings in HK and Singapore from April 23.
    Issuer: China New Town Finance I Ltd.
    Guarantor: China New Town Development Co.
    Keepwell and liquidity support deed and deed of equity interest purchase undertaking provider: China Development Bank Capital Corp., subsidiary of China Development Bank Corp.
    Reg S
    JGCs: BOC Intl, Citic Securities Intl, Guotai Junan Intl
    JLMs: BOC Intl, Citic Securities Intl, Guotai Junan Intl, Agricultural Bank of China, Bocom HK, Haitong Intl
  • China Construction Bank picks 8 banks for USD tier 2 bonds