Zico's Wisdom : There is never a rally I don't like

No sooner than just after the strong rally in the Chinese stocks listed in HK, stock market commentators have start rumbling about why the rally will not last. And that the risk is very high and so forth.
Yes the strong rally took many by surprise, even those who were bullish about Chinese stocks. My initial take was to realize some of the stock gains. If you have been in the market, it’s the prudent thing to do. But that was an indictment that the rally had no further upside. Such rallies don’t move in a straight line. They tend to move in “squiggles”. And investors should be prudent to realize the gains and re-position the funds for other stocks with the potential to go up further.
Every stock investor scour the markets for a bull, and when they see one they instinctively channel every bit of energy to say that it’s risky and should be avoided. Well, no risk no gain, and might as well get out of the kitchen and go wait for Godot.

A Bit About Zico
Zico is our in house equity consultant who is currently a private fund manager with more than a fair share awards in the course of his illustrious career.
Having managed both global and also regional themed equity portfolios, he specialises in stock picking that maximises returns for his various absolute return portfolios.