Equity Focus : Serving Up The CLSA Feng Shui Index And Apple

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For the old faithfuls like myself, the CLSA Fengshui Index for the HSI is the annual must-read along with the Stock Trader’s Almanac for the S&P 500, not taken seriously as much as it is a ritual to complete for the lunar new year, even if most of its contents are forgotten as the year wears along.

This year of the Wooden Goat or Sheep, depending on which you prefer, is no exception and I found myself dusting off last year’s copy for a scorecard and to my amazement, the results are not bad overall.

CLSA Prediction for the HSI last year

CLSA Prediction for the HSI last year

Actual performance of the HSI came pretty close, for once.


That drop in September has been uncanny and I am kicking myself for having forgotten clean about it then.

Yet if you had bought on the Wooden Horse concept stocks in the Fire industry which includes accounting, advertising, energy, fast food, foundries, internet, oil & gas, petrochem, power, technology, telecom, utilities, hmmmm. The internet and technology should cover the oil & gas losses, probably ?

As for the weak Earth sector stocks in agriculture, building materials, property, construction, soft commodities, pharma, soft commodities, cosmetics last year, the verdict is rather accurate except for pharma, of course, where we surely did not expect takeovers to account for the big gains.

I am raring to go for 2015 because the prediction is for a non stop rally till June and it is time to hitch on those trading boots to go for that long hike uphill, perhaps after the FOMC on the 19th where we shall hopefully have a benign sounding Federal Reserve, regardless of Friday’s astounding Non Farm Payroll numbers which appear to be the only bright spot in the sea of poor economic data surprises lately.

US Economic Data Upside Surprises

US Economic Data Upside Surprises


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