Cars Speak For Themselves – Singapore Outlook

Jan. 15 (Straits Times) — CAR buyers can look forward to lower prices in the coming months, on the back of a substantial increase in the certificate of entitlement (COE) quota.
According to figures released by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday, there will be 11,298 COEs available to car buyers in the February to April period – 23 per cent more than in the previous three months, and more than double the supply for the corresponding period last year.
The biggest beneficiaries will be those buying smaller cars, as the supply of Category A COEs (for cars up to 1,600cc and 130bhp) will be 41.3 per cent bigger than now.
Supply of Category B COEs (for cars above 1,600cc or 130bhp) will increase by nearly 27 per cent.
To those who had read my post back in Sep 2013 and had refrained from buying their new cars, you can buy me a coffee.
my greedy eyes tell me that 2016-2018 would be the best time to buy a new car, given the explosion in car population between 2006-2008.
There is something different in the air this time.
I just went through another post I wrote back in May 2013 on Singapore car sales by model and it compares very differently with the recent 2014 numbers I am seeing.
Car Sales Jan – May 2013
Total car sales 2014
Toyota bounces back to the top ! Porsche run rate lower but still managing to sell slightly more than 1 Porsche a day in the country.
52 Rolls Royce sold in 5 months for 2013 compared to 19 for the entire 2014.
What is happening ?
This is just trivia to ease that boring day …. let me know if you spot any other trends ?
And remember, we are still running out of roads to drive these cars !!