SGD Corporate Bonds Update : PCRT Privatisation

Just an update to those who may be concerned.

Dec. 18 (Straits Times) — SINGAPORE – Developer Perennial Real Estate Holdings (PREH) has amassed more than 90 per cent of its sponsored unit, Perennial China Retail Trust (PCRT), as at Wednesday.
This means that the Singapore-listed PCRT has lost its free float requirement, where at least 10 per cent of its total units have to be held by the public.
PREH, which has real estate assets in China and Singapore, does not intend to take steps to preserve the listing status of PCRT on the Singapore Exchange mainboard.
The PCRT units will be suspended from trading on Dec 23, after the buyout offer closes the day before.
The prospectus has stipulated that the bond holders have the option to request for a redemption.
Extract :
Redemption Option in the event that PCRT ceases to be listed :
If on any date, (a) the Units cease to be traded on the SGX-ST or (b) trading in the Units is suspended for more than seven (7) consecutive days on which normal trading of securities is carried out, the Issuer shall, at the option of the holder of any Note, redeem such Note at its Redemption Amount (together with interest accrued to the date fixed for redemption) on the date (or, if such date is not a business day, on the immediately preceding business day) falling 45 days after (in the case of (a)) the date of cessation of trading or (in the case of (b)) the day immediately following the expiry of the seven-day period.
Latest Indicative Prices of PCRT Notes :
PCRT 5.25% 07/2016 99.75/100.75
PCRT 6.375% 09/2015 100.25/100.75