A Chinese Astrological Perspective : Shinzo Abe Will Win The Bitter Pill

We have a snap election in Japan this weekend where incumbent Prime Minister Abe hopes to cement his political mandate and gain approval to rule another 4 years after just 2 years in the job.

For a country that has seen no less than 8 prime ministers (without counting Abe twice)  in the new millennium (which works out to be less 2 years each), Abe’s reign has been longer than average.

In his tenure, we have seen the JPY weaken 42% against the USD, GDP growth peaking at 2.5% before plummeting to -1.3% and CPI spike to its current 2.9%.

2012-2014 Abe's results

2012-2014 Abe’s results

Thus I am guessing that the typical Japanese will not be going on too many holidays this year and probably lose interest in those LV bags in time.

As a casual observer, I still think that Abenomics is insane and that monetary policy should not be used to drive economic revival although many would disagree with me on that using the great American QE case study.

Inflating always leads to excesses and much will be lost before it filters through to the ordinary man on the street and America is seeing  widening social and income gaps that will take a long time to resolve even as surface waters appear calm.

Will this Sunday solve Japan’s problems in buying another 4 years of time for Abenomics to work or does it portend more troubles to come ?

Master Jin’s chinese astrological perspective will give us some clues.


Shinzo Abe, (born September 21, 1954), Prime Minister of Japan 2006 to 2007, from 2012


Abe is born on a Yang Metal Dragon day, one of the six Commanding Pillars days. This indicates a person who is determined, has strong convictions and who does not give up easily. Commanding Pillars individuals do well during Commanding Pillars years, months, days and Luck Cycles. The other five Commanding Pillars are: Yang Earth Dragon, Yang Water Dragon, Yang Earth Dog, Yang Metal Dog and Yang Water Dog.

With the Commanding Pillars in mind, it is hardly surprising to note that Abe was re-elected Prime Minister of Japan in 2012, the Yang Metal Dragon year. Abe benefited from the presence of a Commanding Pillars year.

Abe’s chart is challenging to read as there are no distinctive combinations present in his chart. His chart is a standard chart that changes its direction according to the Luck Cycles and years. His favorable elements are:


  • Earth: the Resource element strengthens his Yang Metal Day Master.
  • Metal: Abe’s Yang Metal Day Master is able to draw strength from his Rivals.
  • Water: the Output element is a channel for him to express himself.


His unfavorable elements are:


  • Fire: the Power element threatens his Yang Metal Day Master.
  • Wood: the Wealth element weakens his strength, especially the Rabbit that clashes with his Rooster Month Branch.


Abe is currently going through a favorable Luck Cycle, that of Yin Earth, which started in 2010. This favorable five year Luck Cycle will run until 2015. The unfavorable Rabbit Luck Cycle is approaching. This Luck Cycle clashes with the Rooster Month in Abe’s chart. This suggests some turbulent times ahead for him that can manifest in his career, health or family.


With the elections coming up on December 14, 2014, they will be held on a Yin Earth Sheep day. The favorable earth element is present that day. However, it is still the Yin Wood Pig Lunar Month. The Pig in the Month combines with the Sheep present in the Day to form a Partial Three Harmony Wood Combination. Wood attacks Abe’s favorable element earth.


However, the following day Yang Metal Monkey contains his favorable elements metal and water.


There are many factors that determine the results of elections and the Four Pillars chart of the person involved is only part of the story. While the day may prove to be stressful for Abe, he is still going through a favorable Luck Cycle, so there is the possibility of a very close election with Abe emerging slightly ahead.


Regardless of the result of the election, Abe is still coming up to a difficult five year period that starts in 2015. He may have to step down from office even if he is victorious this year. There may also be health issues involving the wood and metal elements in the upcoming Luck Cycle. In Chinese medicine, the organs governed by wood are the liver and gall bladder and the part of the body associated with metal are the lungs.

abe photo


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