Better Start Thinking About The Risks We Don’t Think About

We are due for a nice partial solar eclipse later on tonight or rather early tomorrow morning at 330 am, Singapore time.

I am not sure if everyone has been reading these troubling headlines but I think it sure does spell some cause for concern, especially when it pertains to a risk we are hardly prepared for, but usually short term.

Last night
 Attack on Ottawa
“The attack on Parliament Hill’s Centre Block and the National War Memorial has left one Canadian soldier and one male suspect dead.

During an address to the nation, Prime Minster Stephen Harper said the incident in Ottawa was a ‘terrorist’ act. Mr. Harper also indicated that it remains unclear whether the man shot dead on Parliament Hill Wednesday acted alone.”

Man hurls marbles at MPs following a major security breach at the House of Commons

Man arrested after jumping White House fence, causing lockdown
A man jumped the White House fence on Wednesday evening and was attacked by Secret Service dogs before being arrested, a Secret Service spokesman said.

In the past month, we had Australia on alert a few times, shooting down a terror suspect, arresting a few others and the ISIS calling for attacks on the country, presumably from the inside.

It seems that there is a network operating onshore after the arrest of an ISIS recruiter last month.

And the latest ISIS poster boy is a young 17 year old Australian runaway.

What is the world coming to ?

Therefore, if you ask me about the apparent collapse in volatility  as evidenced in the VIX index, coming off by 32% since last Wednesday ?

vix index

I think it will not hurt to buy some protection again.

It’s either that or to place your faith in the NSA, or whatever spy mechanism there is to listen to our phonecalls and read our emails and chats, Singapore, blissfully excluded, of course.