Singapore Stock Alert : Hyflux

I thought I better point out that Hyflux has taken a dip recently with their share price approaching their 5 year low back in Dec 2011.

Share price is down 12% year to date and it fell 10% in a month since their dividend payment in August.

hyflux share price

6 analysts ratings – 3 Hold/Neutral and 3 Sell/Underweight

Not much news I see, so if anyone has anything to share, please do so.

Their last bond issue was in July for another perpetual issue and I did not say many nice things about them, unfortunately.

Their total debt as of Jun had risen again to $ 1.149 bio and their current market cap of SGD 844 mio (vs 981 mio back in July when I last wrote about them) looks a little weak to support such gearing.

Like I mentioned before in my review in July, “I have a strange feeling, the public perception that Hyflux is partially state owned or will be state owned, if need arises.” But still I will not stick my neck out for them.

Indicative prices of Hyflux bonds.


Looking at the yields, I think they have not come to terms with the stock price.

Good luck !