Yes or No. Scotland Is Independent Already. 70% No !

Hearing book makers are already paying out bets on “no” votes.  So that punter who placed the £400k bet would have collected his winnings.

The market talk is for 70% “No” vote now although the press is still trying to milk a “neck and neck” story for all the mileage they can get in clicks and hits.

You see, it is really in the interest of Scots for a “No” vote now that they have extracted the concessions out of UK for an almost independent state.

Seriously, Fiscal Autonomy and state funding ? Scottish MPs can continue to sit in British parliament and influence British issues but British MPs have no say on Scotland ? Scotland can still keep the GBP and also have their own independent elections ?

So what will happen ?

The British MPs will protest and of course there will be a change in the constitution to allow Scotland to have their own independent parliament !

It has worked out well.

GBPUSD is off its lows since early afternoon and we are looking at 1.66 at this rate.


Then again, tomorrow is a BIG Day – FOMC 3 am, Scottish vote and Alibaba pricing at night.

Good luck !


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