A Chinese Astrological Perspective : David Tepper

There is nothing mythical or occultish about fengshui or bazi, which I just discovered have nothing to do with divination. But it delivers an important end goal that we all seek – balance and equilibrium which are the basic building blocks to a good trading mindset.

I was being cheeky when I asked Dr Jin Peh, who has kindly consented to be our feng shui columnist/consultant, to do a comparative analysis of David Tepper and Steven A Cohen. It was to have been a contrast between the popular and best paid fund manager, David Tepper, against the villainous  Steven Cohen who has suffered considerable media backlash for the insider trading charges against his firm which  has since been wound down into a family office.

Unfortunately, not a lot of public  information exists on Steve Cohen and we have to do with just the analysis of David Tepper instead.

David Tepper (born September 11, 1957), Hedge Fund Manager and Founder of Appaloosa Management

Hour Day Month Year
丙Yang Fire 己Yin Earth 丁Yin Fire
戌Dog 酉Rooster 酉Rooster


Luck Cycles

7 17 27 37 47 57 67 77 87
戊YangEarth 丁YinFire 丙YangFire 乙YinWood 甲YangWood 癸YinWater 壬YangWater 辛YinMetal 庚YangMetal
申Monkey 未Sheep 午Horse 已Snake 辰Dragon 卯Rabbit 寅Tiger 丑Ox 子Rat


Tepper is a Yang Fire Day Master. The prevalent element in his chart is metal as he is born in a Rooster month in a Rooster year. There is also Yin Earth present in his Month of birth to further strengthen the metal. Metal represents the Wealth element for Tepper. This makes him follow the Wealth (metal) chart.

His favorable elements are :

1)     Metal: this is his Wealth element and the prevalent element.

2)     Earth: the Output element strengthens his Wealth element.

3)     Water: this controls his original Self element fire and also other Fire Rivals.

His negative elements are :

1)     Wood: the Resource element strengthens his original Fire self.

2)     Fire: this represents his Rivals and Competitors.

As Tepper’s prevalent element is metal, his best years are those of the animals that make up the Three Harmony Metal Combination, the Ox, Snake and Rooster. Let us verify this by looking at the milestones in Tepper’s life.

In 1985 (Yin Wood Ox year), Tepper joined Goldman Sachs as a credit analyst and became the head trader at the high yield desk within six months. In 1993 (Yin Water Rooster year), he formed Appaloosa Management.

From the age of 42 to 46, Tepper was going through the Snake Luck Cycle. The Snake formed the Partial Three Harmony Metal Combination with his Rooster month and year of birth. This strengthened his favorable element metal. It also proved to be a period where Tepper became extremely successful. In 2001 (Yin Metal Snake year) when he was 44, Tepper generated a 61 per cent return by focusing on distressed bonds.

In 2009 (Yin Earth Ox year), Tepper’s hedge-fund earned $7 billion by buying distressed financial stocks and profiting from their recovery in the latter half of the year. At this stage, he was going through the favorable Dragon Luck Cycle. Not only was his favorable element earth present, the Dragon also formed a Six Harmony Combination with the Rooster in his month and year. This further strengthened the metal present in his chart.

While the Dragon Luck Cycle was favorable for his career, it also clashed with the Dog in his Day Pillar, which represents his House of Spouse. This suggests the possibility of marital issues as the animal representing the Spouse is under attack. At the time of writing, it had been revealed that Tepper’s wife of 28 years Marlene had separated from him. Friends had been told that their “marriage had run its course”. Tepper had married in 1986 (Yang Fire Tiger year), when the Tiger formed a Partial Three Harmony Combination with the Dog present in his House of Spouse.

2014 is the year of the Yang Wood Horse. Tepper’s negative elements wood and fire are both present, so it will be a trying year for him. 2015 is the year of the Yin Wood Sheep. While both wood and fire present once again, there is also earth present in the Sheep. Earth is one of his favorable elements. This means that the second half of 2015 will be better for him.

There may also be issues ahead for him in the Rabbit Luck Cycle, which he will embark on at the age of 62. There are two major issues: his negative element wood is present and his favorable Rooster branches in his month and year will also be clashed. A stressful year will be 2023, the year of the Yin Water Rabbit.


David Tepper has been the best paid fund manager for the past 2 years and looks likely to retain his crown even as hedge funds have a choppy year.

Since his famous I’m not saying go short, just don’t be too freakin’ longwords in May, he has since reiterated that he is comfortable with stock markets again in June.

Given that it will be a trying year for him, I will not be hanging on to every word he says.

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