Tradehaven Announcement

Dear readers,

The Tradehaven contribution drive has left us well short of our goal and a lot of doubts on the work that we are doing.

A suggestion from one of our readers is to move to a subscription model offering value added features and articles for subscribers.

We would thus like to conduct a poll on for readers to express a commitment to subscribe to a Tradehaven premium package which consists of the following.

1. Corporate bond market update and analyses – weekly
2. FX market update and analyses – weekly
3. Bond reviews and picks – ad hoc
4. Equity insights – fortnightly
5. Interest rate market update and analyses – ad hoc
6. Interactive bond directory – in the future
7. The Tradehaven portfolio picks – subject to legal due diligence

Readers who have contributed would be getting double credits rounded up to the nearest month.

Do take some time to complete our poll located on the left side of our homepage.