The Uncertain Future of Tradehaven and Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day will always be especially meaningful to me because it was on Mothers Day that I stepped off the plane carrying my late mother’s ashes and had her leave my side forever.

It has been over 2 years that we have had this site and the blog site before it running, and we have come to a new crossroad for the future.

It is now that I badly wish I had my mother’s counsel in the matter and I wonder what she would say.

You see, she had spent most of her life helping the less fortunate which she did till her last days, but never got to witness the last food drive and charity dinner for the various homes she had organised, which took place three weeks after her death.

I can imagine her vast disappointment in me as she sees me now, spending my effort and money maintaining a website which cannot be charitable because, as many of my friendly critics have put it, I am helping the rich get richer, for the poor cannot afford to be buying bonds. And I can imagine she would have wanted me to have furthered my career.

I forged on based on my belief that I am working in the name of education while on break for the PSLE last year. And I like to think I am doing something worthwhile with my experience in the markets besides the fact that it compels me to stay in touch with daily developments. Readers have been very encouraging in their feedback as well which kept me going and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the understanding though not-so-little-anymore son of mine.

Alas, the website is not paying for itself after all this time and we have been rejected by even Google ads (twice so far) for our content amongst other faults they found.

Thus we shall be spending the next couple of weeks deciding on the future of the site and how we can keep it afloat or grow it without incurring further expenses.

The future is not terribly promising, as my life coach pointed out to me this week, in that it is majorly dependent on the expertise of a few people that makes it difficult to scale into something larger which makes the prospects of planning a  herb garden for a charitable organisation (a proposition I have been presented with) or getting a job again, viable alternatives. I can also name about two dozen people who would be elated at the demise of this site.

Until then, we shall keep our posts coming and will welcome any feedback or suggestions or job offers from readers, privately, or in the comments and forums sections.

My mother would approve, I think.

Happy Mothers Day All !!

Daybreak above the clouds