Singapore Stock Market Trivia – April Edition

I was playing around with some statistics on the STI and the second board, Catalist, when I discovered that over 300 listed companies do not pay ordinary dividends.

That is about 40% of the 800 or so companies listed.

And half of the top returning stocks in 1 year do no pay dividends. (30 out of 61)

STI Top Stocks

Not quite close to the horror story of last September when I noticed something amiss with Blumont.

I highlighted the stocks in the top performer list above that have bond issues and we have quite a handful of them.

The anomaly would be Oxley with an amazing 11.30 times financial leverage yet with a P/E ratio of just 7.39 times, demonstrating their superb earnings in the last quarter which of course, has to be sustained for E in the P/E to look good.

Then we have the highest P/E awards without considering the 309 listed companies that do not have P/E ratios because there is no E, I suppose.


And finally, some oddities that I picked up, like Starhub, glaring at me with a Price to Book ratio of 86 times ! 7 bio in market cap but not a lot of assets to show for it (Singtel is going at 2.6 times for comparison and M1 is at 6.9 times). Not even trying to scratch my head on this one because perhaps the book value is conservatively understated.

And finally those net cash companies (after paying off all debt) – there are a few !! (based on 2012 numbers)

China Fibretech – Mkt Cap 13 mio Net Cash Holdings SGD 77 mio
Fujian Zhenyun Plastics – Mkt Cap 15 mio Net Cash Holdings SGD 60 mio
Asia Fashion Holdings – Mkt Cap 24.6 mio Net Cash Holdings SGD 54 mio
Ziwo Holdings – Mkt Cap 28 mio Net Cash Holdings SGD 33 mio
Asiasons !!!!!!!!!!!! – Mkt Cap 43 mio Net Cash Holdings SGD 90 mio