USD Issue : OCBC Basel III Tier 2 Sub Notes

ISSUER: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (“OCBC”)
SECURITY DESCRIPTION: Basel III compliant Tier 2 Subordinated Notes
FORMAT: 144A/Reg S drawdown from Issuer’s GMTN Program
SIZE: USD Benchmark
TENOR: 10.5NC5.5 PRICE GUIDANCE: CT5+265bps area
RANKING: Direct, unsecured and subordinated obligations qualifying as Tier II Capital Securities
OPTIONAL ISSUER CALL: One-time issuer call in year 5.5, subject to MAS approval
INTEREST: Fixed for the first 5.5 years, thereafter reset at then prevailing 5-year USD mid swap rate plus the Initial Credit Spread
TRIGGER EVENT: Earlier of (i) the MAS notifying the Issuer in writing that a write-off is necessary, without which the Issuer would become non-viable; and (ii) a decision by MAS to make a public sector injection of capital, or equivalent support, without which the Issuer would have become non-viable, as determined by MAS
EARLY REDEMPTION EVENTS: Change of Qualification Event or for taxation reasons, subject to MAS approval
TERMS: SGX-ST Listing, $200k / $1k denoms, English Law (except subordination provisions governed by Singapore Law)
USE OF PROCEEDS: General corporate purposes
EXPECTED TIMING: Today’s Business

Comparable:UOB 2024-call 2019 trades around 3.91% YTC


Comment : Will need to raise more capital at Tier 1 and equity level. 1. Share placement and 2. perpetual securities probably in SGD.