The Thankless Job Of Public Service – Exodus of the Finance Ministers

I compiled this list.

Fin Ministers/Central Bankers Resignation since Jan 2014.

1. Dutch Deputy Fin Min
2. Italy Deputy Fin Min
3. Iraq Deputy Fin Min
4. RBI Deputy Governor
5. Canadian Fin Min

Ian Bremmer listed his top thankless geopolitical jobs on Twitter.

1 Ukrainian Defense Minister
2 Malaysian Transport Minister
3 Taiwan Foreign Minister
4 G8 Chair (and he means the chair, I think)

It must be no fun in public service these days with half the world complaining about something or other and complaining rather LOUDLY too. Better off being the victim.

So where do finance bureaucrats go to when they quit ?

I had a good laugh when I saw this yesterday.

“More than two dozen federal officials who helped enact new rules for Wall Street have decamped from government for lucrative jobs in the private sector.

Many of the officials who were foot soldiers in the Dodd-Frank effort have moved on to law firms, with several now advising clients on how to comply with the complex rules that they themselves had helped to write.”

It cannot be helped, can it ? Unless they were all to draw Singapore style bureaucratic wages ? Our Finance Minister earns less than Jamie Dimon but much more than Janet Yellen.

So who says governments and markets are impartial ?