SGD New Issue Urgent Review : HDB 7Y SGD Bond 3.008%

Posthaste !

For all you out there salivating over the latest Capitamall Trust 3.08% A2 rated 7 year paper, there is HDB today.

HDB is printing SGD 600 mio of 7 year bonds at 3.008% (100.00) and your bankers are not likely to tell you about it because they will not get a cent selling this to you.

Capitamall 3.08% 02/2021 is trading at 100.35/100.65 (3.02/2.98%). Why not HDB then ?

1. High liquidity for this name – most banks have lines to quote HDB
2. Trades a tighter bid-offer spread
3. Better credit quality despite its unrated status but it is still a stat board

NUS 1.708% 02/2019 is trading at 1.67% and SMU 3.155% 03/2024 is trading at 3.08%.

The only fall back is that HDB is not available to the retail and trades in lot sizes of SGD 250,000 with increments of 250k.But if you are holding the bond to maturity, it is a no brainer.

Books close at 5pm.

Good luck !