A Chinese Astrology Perspective : JANET YELLEN is On Tonight

A Foreword

Tradehaven loves perspectives and different ones too. Like parts of a puzzle, perspectives add up towards a holism in our personal logic. We like to think that trading is all about numbers and charts but my journey has exposed me to a world of traders ascribing to astrology, in addition to their quantitative tools which is not a surprise considering the open secret that ex US president’s wives had consulted astrologers.

There is nothing mythical or occultish about fengshui or bazi, which I just discovered have nothing to do with divination. But it delivers an important end goal that we all seek – balance and equilibrium which are the basic building blocks to a good trading mindset.

This is our first fengshui piece courtesy of Dr Jin Peh, who has kindly consented to be our feng shui columnist/consultant. It is coincidentally a feature on none other than Janet Yellen who will be delivering her first Humphrey Hawkins testimony tonight to the US Senate.

Here goes….

Janet Yellen (born August 13, 1946), Economist and Current Chair of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve System.


Hour Day Month Year
己Yin Earth 丙Yang Fire 丙Yang Fire
未Sheep 申Monkey 戌Dog


Luck Cycles


2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72 82
乙YinWood 甲YangWood 癸YinWater 壬YangWater  辛YinMetal 庚YangMetal 己YinEarth 戊YangEarth 丁YinFire
未Sheep 午Horse 已Snake 辰Dragon 卯Rabbit 寅Tiger
子Rat 亥Pig


Janet Yellen is born on a Yin Earth Sheep day, which marks her as one of the Six Talented Day Pillars. Those born on the Talented Days are intelligent, industrious and eloquent. It is hardly surprising that Yellen graduated magna cum laude from Pembroke Colleg (Brown University) with a degree in Economics. She also has a Ph.D. in Economics from Yale University.

Looking at her Four Pillars chart, Yellen is a Yin Earth Day Master surrounded by fire (her Resource) and earth (her Self element). She is a Dominant Earth chart.

Her favorable elements are:

1)     Fire: this is her Resource element that strengthens her further.

2)     Earth: being a Dominant Earth chart, she is able to convert her Earth Rivals into supportive siblings.

3)     Metal: her Output element is able to protect her against her negative element Wood.

Her negative element is:

1)     Wood: being a Dominant Earth chart, she does not want to be controlled by her Power element wood.

Her neutral element is:

1)     Water: this represents her Wealth element. A Dominant Earth is able to control the Wealth element, but this element compromises her Resource element Fire by extinguishing it.

Looking at Yellen’s life events, we can confirm that the influence of Fire and Earth have been positive for her. She graduated from Brown University in 1967 (Fire Sheep year), a year when the favorable fire and earth elements were strong. Yellen was also in the Horse Luck Cycle, which contains fire and earth energy.

She became President of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in 2004 at the age of 57 just as she was about to embark on the Tiger Luck Cycle. This cycle was highly favorable for her as the Tiger formed a Partial Three Harmony Fire Combination with her Dog Year Branch. The fire that was formed strengthened her during this five year period. Yellen maintained her position throughout this period until October 4, 2010.

The following Yin Earth Luck Cycle contained her favorable element Earth. Yellen was Vice Chairman of the United States Federal System during this period, which ran from the age of 62 until the age of 67.

Yellen’s current Luck Cycle is that of the Ox. It contains Earth and Metal, both of which are favorable for her. The presence of the Ox in the Five year Luck Cycle also fulfills a Special Configuration for Yellen. For those who are born on a Yin Earth day, having both the Ox and the Monkey within their chart will result in special achievement. Yellen is born in a Monkey month and is currently going through the Ox Luck Cycle. In her Ox Luck Cycle, Yellen became the first ever woman to become the Chair of the US Federal Reserve System.

President Barack Obama made the announcement on February 3, 2014, a day when Yellen’s favorable element Fire and Earth were prevalent.


Hour Day Month Year
乙Yin Wood 丙Yang Fire 甲Yang Wood
巳Snake 寅Tiger 午Horse

Yellen’s Ox Luck Cycle runs until the age of 72. The next Luck Cycle, that of Yang Earth, which will run until the age of 77 is also favorable for her. As for 2014, the Yang Wood Horse year, the strong fire and earth present this year will be positive for her. The Yang Wood present in the first half of the year also forms a Stem Combination with her Yin Earth Day Master, negating any potential problems.The start of 2015 Yin Wood Sheep year contains her negative element wood, so the first half of the year, especially March might hold a few challenges for Yellen.

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To little old me, Yellen is the queen mother in the global economy at 5 ft 3 inches, with Merkel close behind at 5 ft 4 inches and say nothing of super tanned Lagarde. A bit short on Fire (read above that her Water element neutralises her Fire), she could eventually succumb to the “high bar” of “unTapering” mentioned in the FOMC minutes if data and the markets exert enough pressure on her (note her luck runs out early next year).

I am not expecting a miracle from the testimony tonight and my view remains as fatalistic as ever https://tradehaven.net/market/trading-like-yolo/

Hope you have enjoyed our inaugural fengshui piece. Do comment if you have any suggestions on future topics.