Trading Is Pineapple Tart Business – EURUSD

I like my pineapple tarts open faced. I suppose we can tell alot about a person by the sort of pineapple tart they prefer.

For the encased tarts, it is all about the decadent pastry shell, butter ladened with the latest fad being the cheese powder thrown in this year. The pineapple is almost secondary. This person likes the good life and the fats that come with it. They will also most likely be the trader that goes for the easy gains ? trading on momentum and less likely to take bigger risks.

The open tart is exposed. In a way, it is a high risk tart because it could go awfully wrong for all its looks and appearance. Because if the pineapple is a tad too sticky, mushy or sweet, the entire thing cannot be saved by the butter crust. I pick these because I prefer the pineapple to the tart perhaps because I am a person who likes to go to the heart of the matter in a no nonsense direct approach.

What a load of bullshit for just simple pineapple tarts eh ?

Well, it is not about the tart we are talking about today. It is the other matter.

The matter of telling people your source of great pineapple tarts, only to find that your excellent work at publicity has driven the prices up twofold in less than 4 years and now you cannot bear to buy them for their exorbitant cost. And that was my big mistake.

People like Retired Trader shares his views sometimes but he is always tweaking his method. His method is too complicated for me, frankly, because of the geometry and physics involved. Then again, he changes his parameters often enough in his automated trading programme which he will not be sharing at any cost because he does like the life where he can play golf and make money at the same time.

Another good friend pointed out to me last night about the trader’s golden rule – never to discuss trades, which I think is more of a superstition than rule and which is why I realise I am discussing less about my trades these days.

Is it strange that Murphy’s law always works when you open your big mouth ?

Ok. I did not lose out all the time and I did point out some nice trades (and bad ones) for everyone’s benefit (and loss or derision).

So I decided to put to test this golden rule/pineapple tart theory here and share a trade I just put on, which is the short EUR trade.

I know today is all about the AUD (+1.43%), which I had missed because I was sitting uncomfortably on a short USDJPY till yesterday.

So here goes.


My target is 1.34.

May the pineapples come my way !