The Discerning Lush : Why the Smart Money is on plump flightless ornithoids Tonight

Fat BirdA few days back on Bloomberg Businessweek, there was an article titled “Why the Dumb Money Is on Champagne Tonight”. So we are told, pros drink Prosecco, and champs drinkers are being suckered by a 22% price rise since 2003. Well it’s the start of the New Year and  we could debate the merits of yeasty, biscuty, pinprick mousse- yawn- I will avoid the inauspiciousness of instigating a fight and tell you what the really Smart Money is drinking, chilled, from a tumbler. And that’s Fat Bird Sauvignon Blanc. I tasted this recently in a rustic patio under the shade of a fledgling tomato plant with an Akita licking my toe. There was a breeze and it may have been balmy. Smart Money held me in high enough esteem to pour me a generous sampling portion of Fat Bird into a real wine glass, and within seconds wafts of fresh cut grass are exploding on my nose, mixed in with a cocktail of lemon, zesty, passionfruit, peaches, and teasing my tongue with more chopped grass, overripe stone fruit, with enough fresh acidity. Hardly the subtle, minerally Sauv Blanc, but the fruity super aromatic style that characterises New Zealand sauvignon blanc, this makes for easy sipping for hot patio afternoons. There’s enough there to pair with my chillied otak otak, and maybe some tomato dishes…..sip fast for it all fades rather quickly into the heady tropical wind. Cheerful, fresh and easy drinking, we are not looking for the lingering finish that leaves you licking your own tongue. In this expensive City State, value sips are rare, and at sub-S$20 Smart Money’s got a steal here. Using my talented googling skills, I was able fairly quickly to discern that this costs just under 10 kiwi dollars. Discounting around $7 for tax plus GST, the Singapore price does not appear to be hugely marked up at retail level. What’s not to like ?

You can enjoy this chilled down in an Ikea glass tumbler, no need to unwrap the broad-rimmed Riedls from your last wedding to enjoy this. 2013 vintage is out in S’pore- go grab it now !

p.s. Discerning Lush was asked whether the grassiness of the wine was a fault. In fact “grassy” or “gooseberry” are classic descriptors of sauvignon blanc varietal, as is cat’s pee, and sometimes these pungent aromas are deliberately enhanced through wine making techniques. Check out Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc