A Vortex To End 2013 – Signs of Trouble ?

Amidst all the market euphoria, stocks closing the year at highs, I notice a spate of ill news in my hectic social schedule which I cannot make sense of. It is my own doing for being a social recluse in the past months, that all these “we must catch up soon”  promises are to be met before the year’s closing.

Just heard last night that a friend’s friend’s father died after a robbery assault in Jurong where he was punched repeatedly in the face for a thousand dollar gold bracelet. He caught pneumonia in hospital which resulted in a fatal heart attack.

Another girlfriend suffered a slipped vertebrae while 2 had fibroid removal operations. Another friend in Perth had a friend fall off a bar stool at home and is now comatose, another fell off the stairs. In addition to the ex colleague who passed away 2 weeks back, this is looking like a pretty sombre end to the year for me and the 1.3 million Americans who just lost their extended unemployment benefits last weekend.

The headlines are pretty dismal when we read about the Singaporeans who get left behind, struggling retirees, Japanese wages rising at a fifth of inflation and rising income inequality in the States.

As Singapore gets richer, more people left behind : Reuters

The most vulnerable retirees struggle to survive : AP

Americans on Wrong Side of Pay Gap Run Out of Means to Cope : Bloomberg

Japan Consumer Prices Seen Rising Five Times as Fast as Wages

The Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury are already actively campaigning to end inequality. Queen E.’s Christmas message was for quiet reflection.


It feels like we are heading right into a vortex of a new year with the non farm payrolls out next Friday which will be, again, the most closely watched number in the world. VIX is stirring back to life as we speak which will be a good new year trade.

vix for new year

As for the rest, a nice new year message I just received.

keep calmHappy Countdown !!!