Trading USDJPY Like Matt Damon Or A Housewife ?

You will feel particularly sore and vulnerable after spending 8 hours fixing another home internet issue. Sit in front of the pc, finally at 3 pm with half the day gone and seeing your loss snowball in USDJPY.

So much for first world infrastructure, my M1 phone network was conveniently down as well which made it difficult to call customer service for help.

I watched Elysium on video last night, a film staring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. Yet another dog eat dog film about the world ending in a bout of social inequality just like Hunger Games and that Tom Cruise flick last year, Oblivion.

I feel like Max, the protagonist in the show, who was born under privileged and constantly beleaguered by endless set backs and discrimination. Oh why can I not be like this housewife friend of mine whom I had drinks with last Friday – a star trader who made a hundred grand just on EUR in the past month ?

Her method is simple – just EUR vs USD and nothing else and 3-4 million a hit. Amazing.

So I am Max and being whipped about, because USDJPY does not just whip, it is a slow bleed and the same ascent (Nov- Feb) of last year that netted me a windfall is looking like my downfall the same time a year later (Oct- Dec).

FX reports have stopped mentioning the USDJPY because it is unfathomable and a function of market frenzy and a lack of resistance even as JPY shorts (i.e. USDJPY longs) have reached a 5 year high and Kuroda even ventured to comment there will be potential intervention if it continues on its wild run. It is hedge funds and housewives vs banks.

Hedge fund positioning as of 19 Nov.

cftc jpy hedge funds

Bank dealers positioning as of 19 Nov.

cftc jpy dealers

And here is that CFTC record 5 year short in JPY.


The Citi Economic Surprise Index is not even budging which means economic data has not been contributing to this move, just like back in April-May when we were anticipating the 3rd Arrow of Abenomics and the move up before deflating.


I hate to think I am up against the housewives who are making their Xmas presents here and the hedge funds too. But I am short USDJPY today and feeling ike Matt Damon, the underdog.

Mixed feelings about the ending which was happy but Max did not …. errrr, survive.