Comets And Confusion, Coming Right Up In Markets

Just read up on Comet ISON that could well be the comet of the century for us and so I woke up at dawn to try and see if I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it but errr, there is little horizon to stare into and its current magnitude of 9.5 is still some way from the 6.5 brightness for the human eye to catch.

We have till 28 Nov when it makes a close pass on the Sun and perhaps disintegrate that will leaving a huge outpouring of dust and debris which Earth will be swinging right into sometime from 12 Jan 2014.

Scientists say this will be an unprecedented experience because the dust will hit Earth from 2 directions at the same time.

Well, a comet did kill the dinosaurs and have been considered ill omens by the ancients. (A comet is much more potent than a little meteor or a solid asteriod because gases can cause more damage)

I am not that superstitious just merely curious.

But astrologers are coming out that ISON portends chaos, fear and upheaval, leading to a birth of a new dawn.

Looking at the markets, central banks and politics in certain parts of the world, it may be that we will see change coming our way.

Going into Comet Time and December which has now been touted as DecTaper month. I look at bonds and equities and find myself wondering where to from here ?

S&P 500 5Y Chart

Volumes on a decline. Waves getting shorter. Revenues not growing.

Yellen is scheduled to speak this Thursday for the first time since her nomination last month. It is her US Senate Banking Committee confirmation hearing. My comet trade would be to sell into strength before the event. Hopefully we will see a break up in the next few days.

Best time to view Comet Ison is at 5 am-ish low on the eastern sky. I hope I go the coordinates right.