Steps To De-Americanization

The latest “de Americanize” war cry out of Xinhua echoes the grief of Chinese coffers. So long as America been the economic backbone of the world that all living things are born with the American awareness. I always had the feeling even pigeons would rather to born in America than here.

America is still top on the Chinese and Indian emigration list.

In the near term, there is nothing to shake America off the world leader podium.

But the fault lines are starting to show under the strain of Obama’s populist leadership, for wont of leadership and the lack of leadership. This debt ceiling debacle and the Fed’s QE repercussions are pulling the strings of resentment in global sentiments, not just the furloughed workers and people waiting to apply for visas.

In terms of backlash, there will be plenty of time for that. China is buying up America as we can see, US pork companies, the Empire State building even as their problems at home mount and the global public sentiment towards China takes a dip.

This is led by the US, whose public opinion poll on China is at an all time low. We cannot blame them when a new scandal erupts almost daily, the latest being the official who was fired for taking a piggyback when visiting flood victims because he did not want to soil his designer shoes.

Yet China is making headway, first at the APEC Summit and yesterday with the banking deal with the UK, making London the largest Yuan trading hub outside China.

Even as their holdings of US treasuries decline as their reserves posted the largest rise to a record of USD 3.66 trillion dollars.

“China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury bonds, with about $1.28 trillion, although holdings have declined slightly in absolute terms in the past year and more sharply as a proportion of total reserves in the past decade.”

The truth is that China cannot afford to De-Americanize. That is why they are buying up the US for all the real estate and pork bellies they can get and then can’t they just De-Americanize America from within ?